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  • Latest Stats on Shadow IT: Still Not Good

    The latest survey data from the Cloud Security Alliance shows just how big the problem of unauthorized IT services, or  “Shadow IT”, has become. Only 8 percent of the more than 200 global participants from both small and large IT organizations said that they had a good understanding of the number of unmanaged cloud apps in use at their company.  Further,  nearly half said that their primary concern was that their data in the cloud was not secured. Even if data security can be assured, service outages caused by technical issues, business failures, and the unpredictable nature of cloud startups can quickly erase any business benefits.

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  • IT’s Massive Role in Connected Products

    If your company is in a product oriented business where commerce is about buying, moving, making and selling physical items, information technology tends to be pretty standard and somewhat out of the mainstream business.  Most product companies have insulated themselves from a significant impact of IT downtime.  Warehouses can often work for an hour or more without IT connection, manufacturing plants tend to reduce dependency on corporate computing and retailers can do business if the network connection is cut.

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  • IOT for Breakthrough Cost Reductions

    The one enduring competitive advantage over 40 years of strategy thinking is low cost. Not low price, but low cost. When your cost to produce is lower than the competition, you have the option to pursue differentiation in price, features, service, innovation, and quality.

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