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They Have a Vision. Now, What's Your Plan?

What if you knew your client's business justified plans for the next three years?

Few business leaders understand how IT infrastructure can enable their business strategy. When we demonstrate this relationship in their business with their infrastructure, your ability to sell and differentiate your products becomes easy. Clients need help to bridge this gap so Cisco has chosen Quality Deployment to help you link your products to their value so you can begin selling the proper solutions immediately.

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Common reasons it is hard for you to help them 

IT can't sell their vision internally. 

  • The cost of their vision is higher than IT can justify.
  • ​The business doesn't understand that IT has anticipated their future needs.
  • IT does not have the time or skills to generate support and funding across business units or silos.

IT lacks an infrastructure vision.

  • Culturally, vision and infrastructure aren't thought of together.
  • IT doesn't feel that the business is interested in their vision.
  • IT is overworked meeting the requests in front of them.

Foreknowledge is cheaper than agility.

In the face of all that is coming at infrastructure teams, we find that few have the wherewithal to keep the lights on and plan for the future simultaneously. This is resulting in spending on yesterday's requirements rather than tomorrow's strategy. When IOT, augmented reality or the next big security threat hits, a lot of today's software, hardware, and solutions are going to be incompatible.

What Should a Good 3-Year Roadmap Include?

Business Support:

  • Linked to industry direction and mega trends.
  • ​Linked to company brand, identity, and strategy.
  • Linked to company and department plans.
  • Developed with and supported by the business.

Capabilities Focused:

  • Describes the capabilities.
  • ​Describes the performance you require.
  • Accounts for investments to date.
  • Vendor independent.


  • Aligns with business outcome timeframes.
  • ​Include active IT participation and sponsorship.
  • Specific and actionable.

Serving Cisco is our passion, and expertise.

As difficult as these problems are, they are addressable, and we address them every day with the world's most successful companies.

We help IT and businesses understand one another by taking them through an 8-week process that builds a roadmap that addresses both group's needs. We have a passion for bridging the gap.

They Have a Vision. Now, What's Your Plan?

Our Consulting Approach

Digital Transformation Begins With People.

Step 1: Earn Trust

Step 2: Make Heroes

Step 3: Build Sponsorship

A History of Results

Over the past ten years, we've had a history generating more sales, more margin, and stronger strategic relationships for Cisco. We're dedicated to delivering prima facia value to Cisco customers which naturally results in the identification and facilitation of millions in sales of Cisco products and services for each engagement we're involved in.

With industry-specific experience and a deep understanding of how technology directly relates to business objectives, our consultants can effectively communicate the criticality of Cisco's solutions to the CEO's/business leader's top priorities.

Quality Deployment brings industry depth in consulting techniques, contributing knowledge capital to our engagements. I highly recommend Quality Deployment as a business partner for your consultancy and the clients you serve.


The four months of effort we put into this project culminated in a deep and compelling argument for a deeper relationship between Cisco and [global client] in the future and identified myriad new opportunities for us, including Data Center, Security, and IP Communications.


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