This recent survey, conducted by eHealth Initiative (eHI) and the College of Healthcare Information
Management Executives (CHIME), provides valuable insights on the use of healthcare data & analytics among today's industry executives.

Key takeaways from this survey include the following:

  1. Healthcare organizations are utilizing increasingly diverse types and sources of data for analytics. 72% of survey respondents reported using more than 10 different platforms from which to glean data. Mergers and connections between business entities are fueling the increase in data diversity.

  2. Healthcare analytics is currently in its early stages. 94% of survey respondents reported using descriptive analytics regularly, while only 68% of respondents reported using descriptive analytics. Only 20% of respondents reported that analytic operations are "regularly integrated and coordinated at an institutional level."

  3. While the importance of data & analytics has been recognized, many organizations are not yet committed to their use. 94% of respondents stated that "value-based care initiatives rely on analytics for success." However, only 42% report having implemented a robust and practical analytics solution.

  4. Barriers to analytics are emerging. Respondents gave the following as barriers to successful analytics implementation, among others: access to external data, lack of funding and/or ROI, regulatory/compliance requirements, and patient privacy.

  5. Consumer engagment is a growing area within the healthcare industry. 67% of respondents reported using analytics to support customer engagement, with 60% focused primarily on improving patient satisfaction.

The survey findings reveal that, while many healthcare organizations are on the right track to effectively leveraging the value of analytics, adoption by the industry at-large is still in the early stages.

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