A partnership where architecture innovation meets network excellence.

A partnership that draws from more than a decade of successful architecture innovation and delivery.

Since 2005, Quality Deployment and Cisco partnered to provide innovative, integrated architecture solutions that bring increased agility and heightened profitability to Cisco’s most valuable clients. Combining our cross-industry experience in strategy, technology, and operations with Cisco’s leading networks and technology architectures, we’re able to bring IT transformation to your clients’ unique business environments.

We’re dedicated to delivering on the vision you’ve laid out for your client.

Even the most capable architecture teams can require assistance to deploy critical architecture projects, especially in time-sensitive situations. For over a decade, Cisco has leveraged our highly experienced, results-focused team of consultants and engineers to deliver business-driven architecture capabilities at the leading edge of industry practice.

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Over the past ten years, we’ve had a history generating more sales, more margin and stronger strategic relationships for Cisco. We’re dedicated to delivering prima facie value to Cisco customers which naturally results in the identification and facilitation of millions in sales of Cisco products and services for each engagement we’re involved in.

With industry-specific experience and deep understanding how technology directly relates to business objectives, our consultants are able to effectively communicate the criticality of Cisco’s solutions to the CEO’s/business leader’s top priorities.

  • Facilitated sales of $1.2M in products and services during 4-month engagement with a national leading electronics retailer

  • Eliminated non-compliance fines of $1.5M per month during an engagement with a leading electronics retailer

  • Reduced store telecom costs by $6M per year for leading electronics retailer

“The four months of effort we put into this project culminated in a deep and compelling argument for a deeper relationship between Cisco and [global client] in the future, and identified myriad new opportunities for us, including the Data Center, Security, and IP Communications.”

Cisco Executive

Industry-Specific, Process-Driven Solutions

QD supports Cisco with an array of services to ensure each project is fully supported with the right method and execution capability.

FastIT Related Services

  • Industry specific solutioning & business case development
  • Multi-generational planning
  • Architecture Management Office
  • Engagement (program, architecture and client) Management
  • Delivery leadership

Internet of Everything

  • Business Driven Technology Architecture
  • Industry expertise in applications & value of IoE
  • Expertise in the IoE context – Value Chain, trading partners, demand sensing, Lean, ERP
  • IoE enabled business practices
  • Expertise in industry specific protocols
  • Ability to lead & deliver client satisfaction in discovery oriented engagements