One multi-disciplinary team focused on driving enterprise-wide transformation with technological innovation

One integrated team delivering rapid results.

For more than a decade, Quality Deployment has served Fortune 500 companies on four continents to improve business performance by addressing the IT and business agendas together. This unique approach is also the foundation of EY’s Advisory services, and the reason we’re so successful in driving business agility/bringing rapid results for EY’s clients as one integrated team.

We’re dedicated to executing on the strategic vision you’ve laid out for your client

Since 2013, our practitioners have worked closely with EY’s Advisory teams to serve Financial Services accounts with the objective of strengthening EY’s strategic relationships with those clients. Combining our team’s expertise and delivery experience in some of the world’s most successful Financial Services environments with your Advisory team, we’re able to improve your reach, responsiveness, and revenue.

It is critical that each of our subcontracted and permanent EY team members fully comprehend and embody EY’s values and objectives in order to represent your brand to your valued clients. Our results-focused team’s firsthand understanding of EY’s delivery, materiality, and cultural expectations results in swift, seamless execution and the utmost satisfaction of EY’s most valued clients.

And we have numbers to prove.

At Quality Deployment, we understand the importance of independence relating to third parties, and we’re constantly monitoring materiality requirements to ensure we’re compliant.

We are happy to provide accurate status at any time.

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    Client Teams We Helped, First Year

  • ey-stat-2

    Superday Candidates, First Year

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    Annualized EY Revenue on QD Placements

When we ask EY’s delivery executives about our subcontractors and permanent hires they respond with words like “love” and “rockstar.”

Industry-Specific, Process-Driven Solutions

Quality Deployment is your one-stop source for Performance Improvement, Application Technology, and Technology Architecture. We specialize in Enterprise Technical and Business Architecture services through project consulting, strategic staffing, and permanent placement.

Specific services we’ve successfully implemented with EY client engagements include:

Capabilities we have brought to engagements

  • Banking Platform Architecture Specification
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Mortgage Processing Architecture Requirements Specification
  • Information Management
  • Business Intelligence

Services we provide

  • Practice Building – Permanent Hire
  • Project Ramp-ups – Subcontract to Permanent
  • Short term Point Expertise – Subcontract